christmas cupping @ stockfleths

In Cupping notes on October 12, 2009 at 10:00 am


Today, we’re cupping this years christmas coffee in Stockfleths, deciding on roasting profile etc. The coffee comes from Oreti Estate in Kenya, more specifically Chania, by the Foothills of Aberdare mountain range, Central Province, Thika District. It’s fully fermented and sundried on elevated beds.

I find it aromatic and sweet, with hints of red berries, honey and butter in both aroma and flavour. Not the most juicy and acidic Kenya I’ve tasted, but a great and sweet cup, which I believe will work well for christmas. Exciting to taste some very different cups with almost identical roasting degree (+/- 2 on the Colorette), but with different roasting profiles.

13. oct:
Tried some mixed leftovers from the sample roasts on the Aeropress this morning, 75 degrees Celcius, 10 sec steeping time, couple of stirs. Got deep red fruit, sweet and smooth mouthfeel. Moderate and balanced acidity, honey in the aftertaste. I really look forward to tasting the first production roast.


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